Peace Treaty: Can Jordan And Wes Have A Fight-Free Season On 'The Challenge'?

'Madness' always seems to ensue between the two

Jordan and Wes' streak of bickering on The Challenge continued during this week's episode. And it wasn't about a mission, an elimination vote or even an alliance...

So what spawned this totally predictable spat? Oddly enough, it was the gym-area turf in the biosphere -- and how Jordan (sitting on the sidelines) perceived Wes was fixing the mock grass with Cory and Nelson. And Wes took issue with Jordan's "condescending pr*ck sort of way" tone from across the bunker -- so the two-time winner called the three-time champ an a**hole.

But it didn't end there: Wes approached Jordan, but Jordan wanted no part of it (and neither did Wes' new alliance teammate Johnny Bananas).

"Don't talk to me like you do the rest of the house," Wes demanded. Jordan, holding up a fake sausage, retaliated with, "Talk into my d*ck."

"You don't have to respect everyone else, but you will treat me like an adult," Wes stated.

And then Wes took it a step further with this request: "You will not talk to me the way you talk to your wife."

Tori, who was standing nearby, was incredulous, but she only voiced her opinion in the confessional.

"Are you f*cking kidding me?" the Are You the One? alum asked. "How dare you bring my relationship and Jordan into this. You guys figure out your own sh*t -- don't bring me into this."

No truce was reached, but Wes did reconcile that Tori and Jordan are his two biggest enemies in the game and he's playing "every second" of this game. But does Jordan think he could ever have a fight-free Challenge season?

"No," the defending victor recently told MTV News. "Wes sits on such a high horse. That’s his character to almost stand above everything. He is like, 'Honor me, I am Wes. I’m the almighty thinker of The Challenge.'”

However, Tori doesn't agree with her future hubby.

"I really went out of my way over Christmas to buy Jordan a cameo from Wes," Tori revealed. "I paid Wes $100, and Wes went above and beyond. He sent a five-minute video, saying how he does appreciate Jordan and how he sees this as an olive branch to possibly being friends and potential allies in the future. So I’m already planting seeds with literal money. I’m buying an alliance. It was an investment in our future. Jordan loved it."

Love?! But back to the incident: Do you think Wes' approach with Jordan was warranted, and did Jordan deserved the confrontation? Or was Wes overreacting out of the gate to Jordan's statements? Tell us your thoughts in the comments, the be sure to catch the next Challenge Wednesday at 8/7c.