Bobby Shmurda Held A Shmoney Dance Flash Shmob In New York City

Type to party.

With reporting by Bryant Barrero

Bobby Shmurda is set to perform on "The Tonight Show" on Friday (October 10) and then drop his new single, "Bobby Bitch," but before any of that, he decided to have a party with some fans in New York City.

Well, actually, it was a Flash Shmob.

MTV News was on hand to witness the shmadness, which brought out about 100 people to celebrate and dance with the Brooklyn native to his hit single "Hot N---a." Plenty of police were on hand, but things remained relatively orderly, with excited teenage fans and Bobby himself loudly rapping the lyrics to the viral smash. Then, before the song even finished, the rapper wrapped things up with "selfie time."

Keep on dancin'.

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