Meet Nev Schulman's 'MTV Suspect' Co-Host iO Tillett Wright

For starters, iO is an artist, activist, writer, speaker, actor and social scientist.

"MTV Suspect" -- an upcoming series which will follow people trying to uncover a web of lies in order to learn the truth about their family members or loved ones -- will feature one familiar face and one brand-new member of the network.

"Catfish"'s very own Nev Schulman will be joined by iO Tillett Wright as they travel across the country, untangle a variety of secrets and work to bring resolution to our concerned truth-seekers. But before the program premieres on February 24, iO -- who is an artist, activist, writer, speaker, actor and social scientist -- is opening up to Nev in the videos below about a broad array of topics.

For starters, the two have more in common than just their shared interest of helping those in need: They both grew up in New York, and as iO explains, "on the opposite ends of 8 mile."

"I lived in a tenement, low-income housing building, on 3rd Street and the Bowery," iO reveals to Nev, adding that there was often no electricity or much food.

While continuing their chat about life in the Big Apple, iO talks about identifying as someone on the trans-gender spectrum.

"I lived as a boy for eight years when I was a kid, and now I would say I'm figuring out my situation with it," iO elaborates.

To hear more from iO and Nev's candid conversation, watch the video -- as well as the clip below featuring iO discussing personal projects. Then be sure to catch the duo on "MTV Suspect" on February 24 at 11/10c (right after "Catfish")!

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