Rob Halford Talks About Reznor's Musical Animal

Former Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford returns to record stores this week with his latest musical concoction, the industrial-touched rock outfit Two.

By now, those following Halford's career know that he has shed his straight up metal leanings and teamed with collaborators like producer and ex-Skinny Puppy member David Ogilvie, and Nine Inch Nails maestro Trent Reznor, who executive produced the debut effort from Two, titled "Voyeurs.

"He just consumes music like an animal, you know," Halford told MTV News of Reznor. "He just feasts on music 24 hours a day. He's constantly listening and exploring and using his own imagination when he hears things, as was the case with the original demos of Two. I'm sure that as he lived with them and got to know them he was just hearing things beyond that moment and there's not many people who can do that effectively." [600k Audio File]

The fruits of this union can be found on "Voyeurs" which arrived in stores on Tuesday.