Linkin Park's Chester Bennington Explains How He Ended Up In 'Saw 3D'

LP bandmate lives next door to 'Saw' producer Mark Burg.

For the devoted Linkin Park fans out there, it might have come as a surprise to learn that frontman [article id="1649118"]Chester Bennington was trying his hand at acting with a role in "Saw 3D."[/article] And while it's not his first film appearance -- he had cameos in the two "Crank" films -- in "Saw," he plays an actual character named Evan.

When MTV News caught up with Bennington recently, we asked him how he (figuratively) ended up in such a bloody mess.

"It's a funny story. Mark Burg, the producer of the 'Saw' films, he lives next to one of my bandmates in Linkin Park, and when he moved in and they got to meet each other, my bandmate brought up to Mark that I'm a huge fan of the 'Saw' films," Bennington explained. "I've literally, every time they come out, I'm [there on] opening day.

"I love the movies, so [I'm] very enthusiastic about it," Bennington continued. "And so, he was like, 'This is going to be so great. Chester's going to be so stoked that you're my neighbor. He loves the movies.' And from that conversation, Mark then said, 'Well, do you think he'd want to be in one of the movies?' The answer was a 'F--- yeah, are you kidding? I want to do that.' So that's how it evolved, and eventually this role came along and kind of fit."

Bennington added that the 3-D factor upped the action/gore ante a bit -- to the point that his wife almost lost it.

"It was really cool," Bennington said of his gory scenes. "At one point, I was filming a part of the scene, and my wife was watching, and we're both huge fans, so we're watching. We've seen all the crazy crap that's happening in all these crazy movies. So, she's watching, and when we're filming this particular scene, she actually almost threw up. So I knew that we were doing something right if it made her want to puke."

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