Please Stop Looking At Justin Bieber's Nude Photos

This is a double standard, plain and simple.

by Katie Kausch

Last year, the Internet flipped out when almost a dozen female celebrities had their private, nude photographs leaked -- an event grossly dubbed "The Fappening" by many. It spawned articles on privacy, women's rights, and sexism on the Internet.

So why aren't we as angry about the Justin Bieber nude photo leak?

The New York Daily News recently posted exclusive photos of Bieber on the balcony of his Bora Bora vacation spot totally naked, save for a small black "modesty bar" they superimposed over his little Bieber. Of course, the originals were tracked down and quickly began circulating on Twitter, showing Bieber 100% naked. (MTV News will not be linking to either the censored or the uncensored pictures in this post.)

Bieber has been sharing Instagrams of his gorgeous resort vacation all week, including some of him shirtless. The difference between those snaps and the leaked ones? As far as we know, Bieber didn't consent to or even know about the nude pics. He was just vacationing in an awesome beach spot, and decided to strip down for a swim (haven't we all?).

Although the photo agency who took the pic denies using a long lens camera or that they invaded Bieber's privacy, paparazzi have a history of using these types of lenses to capture super zoomed in photos, usually when celebrities believe they're in a camera free zone. Questions of legality aside, it is unethical and uncool to take and post a naked photo of someone without their consent.

This nude photo leak isn't any different from any of the other nude photo leaks that have happened recently. Being a celebrity doesn't negate your right to privacy entirely — something important to keep in mind (as it seems many Belieber's have, even starting the hashtag, #RespectJustinsPrivacy).

If you wouldn't click on leaked naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence, Mila Kunis or Vanessa Hudgens, don't click on naked pictures of Justin Bieber, LeBron James or Cole Sprouse. All bodies deserve to be treated with respect.

TL;DR: Don't look at nude pics that someone didn't deliberately want you to see -- whether they're a celebrity or not.