Foxy Brown Offers Her Side In "Vibe"-Related Hair-Pulling Incident

Foxy Brown is out and about making the promotional roads in support of her new sophomore album, "Chyna Doll," which arrived in stores on Tuesday.

The kind of press Foxy's been drawing for her new album has been generally favorable, and is undoubtedly better publicity than the kind she received a few months ago for supposedly pulling the hair of "Vibe" editor-in-chief Danyel Smith.

Foxy was allegedly upset because of an article Smith wrote for the December/January issue of "Vibe" that made certain insinuations about the rapper's personal life. Foxy recently talked with MTV's John Norris about the altercation, and explained why she had gotten her so upset with Smith.

"It was really very small," Brown said of the incident. "I did an interview with her, my first in depth interview, and she spent 5 days with me

in Miami -- which my

publicist nor anybody would have ever agreed to -- being that I thought she was a real cool person, which she is."

"So we did the interview," she continued, "but there were just certain things in the article [that came out] which weren't true. And I feel like, we don't mind what you say - and I think I speak for 99 percent of artists in hip-hop and R&B when I say that we don't mind what you guys write about us, what editors write about us, just write the truth." [28.8 RealVideo]

When contacted by MTV, Danyel Smith had no comment about Foxy Brown's version of the story, but Smith did address what happened in the new issue of "Vibe," where she decried the recent rash of alleged threats and attacks against music writers.

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