Rixton Admit They're Willing To Make Out With You At Shows

Pucker up!

Rixton is officially going on tour (they announced The Broken Heart Tour on Wednesday - yipee!). But now that we know they're coming to a town near us, we need to do a lot of preparing. What can we expect?

Luckily, we were able to ask the guys what their live shows are like. After all, we have been watching the Brit boys from afar for quite some time.

"Jake does a dance routine," bandmate Charley Bagnall told MTV News, when they stopped by our studio this week.

"I haven't choreographed it yet, but if you ask me in two weeks, I'll be able to come along with my headless mic," fellow bandmate Jake Roche said (with a completely straight face, I might add).

Along with the very-choreographed dance moves, Jake plans on getting "too involved" with fans.

"I make out with them," Roche said bluntly.

We're there.

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