Dakota Johnson Has A Gandalf Vagina In 'How To Be Single' Trailer

Meanwhile, Rebel Wilson is a master of the boob-punch.

Dakota Johnson has definitely done the whole meek girl blossoms into a woman routine before in "Fifty Shades of Grey," but if you take out the hunky (and let's face it, kinda strange) millionaire and add in a little Rebel Wilson action, suddenly things are still pretty kinky, but in a hilarious way.

The first trailer for "How to Be Single" features Rebel Wilson as Robin, a woman who's hellbent on teaching her newly single friend Alice the ropes of being single to mingle in the Big Apple.

"I know breaking up sucks," she wisely notes, "but you know what's even worse? Wasting a night in New York City." Truer words?

See, Robin knows what it is to flirt her way to free Pedialyte and when it's appropriate to "tit-punch" your BFF. More importantly, she also knows that being single has its perks like, hello, full-on independence and the right to hang out in spas and comment on another girls' lady-scaping techniques, or lack thereof. (In case you're wondering, the title refers to her little joke about Alice's nethers having a beard and practically screaming "You shall not pass!" Ha.)

The trailer debuted on "Ellen" Wednesday (Nov. 18).

"How to Be Single" hits theaters on Feb. 12. Leslie Mann and Alison Brie also star.