Big Sean Raps About Macaulay Culkin And Sippy Cups On Tori Kelly’s ‘Hollow’ Remix

Big Sean gives Tori a 'pick-me-up' on remix track.

Tori Kelly is all about the remixes lately...and we are not complaining.

Nearly two months after she dropped her "Should've Been Us" remix with Jeremih, Tori is putting a spin on her new single, "Hollow," with the help of Big Sean.

The rapper lends a verse to the powerful, heartfelt track, which Tori recently described as her "love song to God" since it “connected to me and my faith.”

But the song is also about feeling vulnerable and needing love to fill up an empty space, and that is where Big Sean comes in. He raps about trying to fill that void that Tori is looking for, all while making references to Macaulay Culkin in "Home Alone," sippy cups, karaoke nights and crying enough tears to fill up the Atlantic Ocean.

"I know you've been up at night trying to sleep with one eye open/ Crying out enough tears you could fill up the Atlantic Ocean/ No fun being home alone we learned that from Macaulay Culkin/ I'm just waiting on you/ I've been calling/ Pick me up/ I know you need a pick-me-up/ I need you to come grip me up/ You're my baby girl no sippy cup," he raps on the track.

Tori's latest single will be featured on the re-release of her debut album, Unbreakable Smile.