Who's The Best Joker Of All Time? Rank Your Favorite Version Ever

Choose wisely!

Just like everyone has a favorite Batman or Superman, everyone has a favorite version of the Joker. For some it's the goofy, painted-mustache-wearing guy from the '60s TV series. For others, no one is ever going to top Heath Ledger's chilling performance in "The Dark Knight." And then there's the people who grew up watching Mark Hamill's creepy laugh in "Batman: The Animated Series" and never got over it.

Now that we're getting a new version of the Joker with Jared Leto in "Suicide Squad," where will he rank among the most iconic clown princes of crime? That's where you come in -- vote for your favorites and your least favorites in the poll below, and we'll see who's really fit to wear the terrifying red smile.