Harry Styles Preps One Direction's Third Album, Denies Going Solo

Although he hits the studio alone, a rep confirms it's a 1D session.

If you're the boy bander with the charm, charisma and great hair (along with an excellent stylist), there's no doubt you're going to get some solo career rumors. Harry Styles is the latest One Direction member to be launched into rumorville after it was reported he was in the studio without 1D.

While Styles' rep turns down the solo speculation, they did say new songs are on the way, confirming the tunes will be on the third album from the group.

"Harry is not recording solo material. All of the band are working on tracks for their third album," the rep told The Daily Mail Saturday. "Harry is putting together some ideas for the record. The boys sometimes work up ideas separately as well as working together, as they did last year. Niall for example recently collaborated with Tom and Dougie from McFly on new tracks."

MTV News' requests to One Direction's rep have not been returned by press time.

The same month Niall Horan tweeted about working with U.K. band McFly, MTV News spoke to the guys' "One Way Or Another" producer Julian Bunetta, and he teased more mysterious new tunes, which may or may end up on their new LP.

"I was just with them last week in London -- hanging out, working on a few new things. So that'll be fun," Bunetta said. "I can't really say, but it's gonna be pretty cool. I mean it's just... I mean obviously we're working on new music but they didn't say what the new music is for. It might be for nothing. It might only be for my ears ... or, it might be something that gets put out for the world to hear. I could just rent my ears out."

So with new music on the way, it seems like Harry is going nowhere. But then again, this isn't the first time the guys' careers have been questioned.

After their second album, Take Me Home, fans began wondering if Liam Payne was going to exit to spend more time with his girlfriend. But Payne quickly tweeted the opposite: "Thought I'd let you know this latest story is bullsh--. I love you guys so much. I love this band. they're my best mates. I ain't goin [no] werrr."

Zayn Malik once took down rumors that he was leaving too, and in December, the fivesome set the record straight with Barbara Walters on her "The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2012" special.

"Me, personally, I wouldn't do it," Louis Tomlinson told Walters.

"We're together now, and that's, I think, that's it. Yeah, it's like you'd be doing wrong," Horan added.

And Malik couldn't even entertain the idea: "No way. It's not even, like, a question. We'd just be like, 'No, I'm not doing it.' "

Directioners, what are you looking forward to in the next 1D album? Tell us in the comments!

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