Christina Hendricks Talks 'All Star Superman,' DC Heroines, And Joss Whedon's 'Avengers'

However, the actress does have a connection to the Marvel Universe right now due to her friendship and past working relationship (on “Firefly”) with “The Avengers” director Joss Whedon.

At the recent world premiere of “All-Star Superman” in New York City’s Paley Center, I asked if she'd spoke to Whedon about a role in that film.

“I’ve seen him recently as he’s preparing for it and I don’t think there’s a role for me in this project,” Hendricks said. “But I hope to work with Joss in the future because he’s fantastic and really easy to work with and a friend. So not on this one...”

She trailed off after that statement, so maybe fans can keep hope alive to see her in Whedon's next big project. After all, late last year she was rumored to be taking on another iconic role, that of Wonder Woman.

“As far as the Wonder Woman rumor goes,” she said, “that was started by I have no idea who, but it was a really nice compliment and no one's approached me about playing that. But it’s a fun rumor to go around.” [Note: This interview took place before Adrianne Palicki had been cast in the role.]

However, casting and voice director for “All-Star Superman,” Andrea Romano, thinks Hendricks could do great things with the character in the animated realm.

“She’s a terrific actress, she’d be a good Wonder Woman, she’d be a really good Wonder Woman,” said Romano. “She’s a strong character actress and so you know, there are very few [characters] I think she couldn’t handle.”

Although Hendricks has a cult following for her role as Saffron on “Firefly,” her current starring role as Joan in “Mad Men” has gained her an even bigger following.

“I think sci-fi fans are some of the most loyal and passionate fans and I think fans of ‘Mad Men’ are also incredibly passionate. You don’t just like the show, you love the show," she said. "And I think that’s similar in both."

“In another way, I have a ‘Mad Men’ Barbie and when I was at ‘Firefly,’ someone at home, made a Saffron Barbie and sent it to my house," she said. "So I actually have a one-off Saffron Barbie at home.” (Proving, in this writer’s opinion, that “Firefly” fans are far cooler.)

Speaking of “Mad Men,” though, Hendricks was asked if she had heard about the rumors surrounding co-star Jon Hamm's attachment to the live-action Superman role — and whether she had bragged about being cast as Lois Lane.

“No, I just heard that rumor outside for the first time, I didn’t even realize it, but I think he would be a great Superman, I think he’d be fabulous,” she said. “And yes, I’ll probably rub it in.”

Romano felt strongly that Hendricks could take on an animated Wonder Woman but she also sees a lot more potential in the actress.

“She’s strong and yet really feminine,” she said, “She’d be a good villainess. I’d love to see her get a chance to play a villainess, she’s a good actress, I’d like to see her play lots of other characters.”

As for Hendricks herself, will we be seeing her reprise her role as Lois sometime down the road?

“I’d love to play Lois again. As a little girl, that’s the one that I would say,” she said. “And of course Wonder Woman, you know, now I’m starting that rumor. But I’m saying animated! That would be really fun.”

"All Star Superman" hits shelves February 22 on DVD and Blu-Ray.

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