Johnny Depp Visited Sick Kids As Captain Jack Sparrow: See The Pics

We knew Jack was a secret softie.

Nothing brightens a dreary hospital stay like a visit from a pirate, even if he is the worst pirate you've ever heard of.

Kids at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital in Brisbane, Australia got a surprise visit from "Pirates of the Caribbean" star Johnny Depp, who showed up in character as Captain Jack Sparrow to spend the day with some young fans.

Depp was reportedly trying to keep the visit on the down-low from the press, but the whole thing was too adorable to stay quiet for long, especially once he started snapping selfies with kids on the ward.

The actor also stayed for a segment on Juiced TV, a show produced by kids in the hospital, for kids in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Depp didn't make a public statement about his visit, but we're pretty sure we can guess how he felt about giving dozens of sick children some one-on-one time with their favorite Captain.