Watch Charli XCX Get Gross In This 'Famous' Video Teaser

The singer rocks some coagulated blood and yellow teeth in her new video.

It's not hard to imagine Charli XCX rocking a distressed version of her cheerleader outfit with "SUCKER" printed across the front like a team name. It's a little harder to picture the UK singer dancing while covered in scabs and sores. But from the looks of this new teaser, that's exactly what we're in for with the upcoming video for "Famous."

Charli filmed the video with director Eric Wareheim of Adult Swim's "Tim and Eric Awesome Show." In it, her hair's messed up, her outfit dirty and torn, and her teeth are a gross yellow. This isn't the Charli we know, but it sure looks like she's having fun.

"Famous" will premiere on the YouTube Music Awards this Monday, Mar. 23. Watch the teaser below.

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