Katy Perry's First 'Never Really Over' Performance Ends With A Toilet Flush

'Potty rock'

Katy Perry's "Never Really Over" dropped all the way back on May 31, but she waited until Monday night (July 15) to share the first live performance of her propulsive comeback single. And what a performance it is! Instead of pulling out all the bells and whistles for an epic onstage spectacle, Perry performed it in a nondescript bathroom with a whole-ass band in tow. Really.

Perry filmed the entire "potty rock" performance on her phone, capturing all the peculiarities: her band's lilac uniforms, the keyboard player parked in a bathtub, two kids peeking in through a cracked door, and a ton of cables lining the sink (which seems like quite the safety hazard, but whatever). It's a totally raw and unexpected take on "Never Really Over" that proves Katy's still got the range. Most important, though, she also has the type of band that's "always down for the weirdest shit, pun intended," as she joked in the caption.

Check out their full performance of "Never Really Over" below, complete with a toilet flush ending from KP's goofy guitar player.

As for Perry's next move after "Never Really Over" and its '70s fever dream of a video, she recently revealed that she has more new music on the horizon, but she's taking her sweet time releasing it.

"I definitely have a couple of songs that I really love and I'm excited to share with the world in the very near future," she confirmed during an Australian radio show.

In the meantime, might we suggest a "Katy Potty" bathroom series of her hits? I, for one, would love to see "Teenage Dream" get the "potty rock" treatment.

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