Lil Wayne Sues Producer For Illegal Sampling

Weezy claims producer failed to get permission from folk singer for sample in 'I Feel Like Dying.'

[artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] has been keeping the judicial system busy these days. Last Tuesday, a California judge threw out his lawsuit to [article id="1609801"]block the release of a documentary[/article] on the rapper. Then on Thursday, [article id="1609840"]Wayne appeared in a New York court[/article] to face a gun-possession charge stemming from a 2007 arrest.

Now The Associated Press is reporting that Wayne has filed a lawsuit against the producer of one of his songs, "I Feel Like Dying," that allegedly sampled another artist's work without permission.

The folk singer Karma-Ann Swanepoel had originally sued Wayne last year for copyright infringement, alleging that her song "Once" had been sampled illegally in "I Feel Like Dying."

Wayne's lawsuit alleges that Rebel Rock Productions Inc., which produced his song, was responsible for securing any necessary licensing agreements. Rebel Rock has not yet responded to Wayne's claims and does not have a lawyer named in papers filed with the court. The company's listed telephone number has been disconnected, according to the AP.

"I Feel Like Dying," has not been released on an album, but Wayne performed the song in concert, and it was circulated on the Internet. In March, he was ordered to turn over financial records for his 2008 album, Tha Carter III, which the publishing company behind "Once" claims was promoted in part through the online distribution of "I Feel Like Dying."

This latest suit is not Wayne's only copyright-infringement case. He's also being sued in Georgia by hip-hop producer Mali Boi, who alleges that he was the original producer of a song called "Crush," which he says was remade without permission into Wayne's hit "Mrs. Officer."

Wayne's gun-possession case was supposed to go to trail this month, but the New York judge has postponed its start after Wayne's lawyer filed a motion alleging an inconsistency between the accounts of the arresting officer and the detective who filed the original report. The next hearing is scheduled for May 20.