Ozzy And Sharon Osbourne Escape House Fire

Osbournes' English mansion sustained considerable damage.

A fire broke out Friday at Ozzy Osbourne's Buckinghamshire mansion, causing considerable damage to the home. No one was reported injured during the blaze, but Ozzy and his wife, Ozzfest mastermind Sharon Osbourne, were treated for smoke inhalation, as were two of their employees, according to Reuters.

Heavy metal's first couple was stirred from bed when fire alarms started sounding late that evening. Fire officials initially suspected the blaze, which ripped through the family's living room, may have been due to an electrical problem. But fire investigators have since revised their findings, saying now that heat from a fireplace ignited wood paneling.

The extent of the fire was not immediately apparent, but early estimates suggest the conflagration generated thousands of dollars in smoke, heat and water damage before firefighters managed to snuff it out.

The couple's youngest children, Jack and Kelly, were not inside the home when the fire started. Officials did say that as Ozzy and Sharon fled into the countryside estate's garden, they managed to scoop up their pets, carrying the creatures to safety.

The quick response of local firefighters did help salvage the home from complete destruction.

This fall, the same mansion was targeted by burglars who managed to pilfer more than $4 million in jewelry (see [article id="1494084"]"Osbournes Ask For Help In Recovering Stolen Jewelry"[/article]). In 2003, Ozzy was injured in an off-roading accident on Buckinghamshire grounds (see [article id="1480994"]"Ozzy Seriously Injured After Crashing All-Terrain Vehicle"[/article]).

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