Emma Watson Is About To Teach Us The Dangers Of The Digital Age

The 'Harry Potter' star has stepped into 'The Circle.'

Now that she's almost done having her fun playing a Disney Princess in the live-action version of "Beauty and the Beast" -- which we cannot freaking wait for, by the way -- Emma Watson is ready to take her increasingly illustrious acting career in yet another new, more serious direction. Because this girl just refuses to be typecast no matter how much we loved Hermione.

According to The Wrap, Watson's stepping even farther away from her wanding days at Hogwarts by joining "The Circle," a sci-fi thriller about the perils of e-processed personal identity. Which is pretty fitting, actually, considering how publicly appalled she was about some of her fellow actresses having their privacy viciously violated via the internet last year.

Of course, this book-to-screen story has more to do with identity theft-related invasions than provocative phone pics, but still. She's seen the damage digital deviance can do to someone.

Watson's role in the flick -- a woman who goes to work for a large corporation which compiles personal information for the web -- was once occupied by Alicia Vikander, but she decided to go and be a "Bourne" star instead. This left room for Watson to come in and go toe-to-toe with star Tom Hanks. Which is just fine by writer-director James Ponsoldt.

"Emma Watson is one of my favorite actors, and her incredible talent, sensitivity, and deep intelligence will bring an electric energy to ‘The Circle,'" he revealed. Yeah. What he said.

Watson will reportedly pick up with this project as soon as production is complete for "Beast."