Info-Grammys: We Quantify The Grammy Awards Using 'Math'

From excitement level, to hat size, we break down the night.

Everything is quantifiable through mathematics, even The Grammy Awards. Take our night-of Infogrammys, which broke down everything that was happening using pie charts, bar graphs and several other things that make it look like we actually crunched numbers rather than making them up off the top of our heads. Here's what you missed on the Infogrammys:

While Bieber was off having his worst week ever, Taylor Swift's excitement level was, as always, through the roof.

Here's hoping we see Pharrell's hat walk the red carpet next year.

Next up, the duo are going to do a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's "Vertigo."

If they had just gone a minute longer, they would have proved why Chicago is the twerky city.

Our second cousins' friend's sister swears this is true.

They may have the same love, but they don't get the same amount of time at their acceptance speech.

Katy is about to learn why you don't mess with the cloak-makers union.

We ran out of room, but "Being talked about in infographics" was also at the same level.

Weirdly, the rest of Metallica falls into the "Fans of Lang Lang" circle.

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Everything we know about the Grammys we learned from "30 Rock" and "The Simpsons."

In case you were confused when host LL Cool J introduced his "good friend" Taylor Swift, here's the explanation.

Lorde said that winning Best Pop Solo Performance was the one thing she expected least about the night, so what did she expect more? We've got answers.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis aren't married, right? If they are, our math is off.

Open your heart.

...And the real winners are:

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