Joseph Arthur Goes for a Slight 'Rocky' Vibe on "Saint of Impossible Causes" Video

In Joseph Arthur's new video for "Saint of Impossible Causes," the Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter recruited Ehud Lazin, who shot over 11,000 still photos and constructed a narrative that could be indebted to Sylvester Stalone. Really. "I think we went for a slight Rocky vibe with the gloves and the rubber ball," Arthur tells Hive. "A character who is down, but not out. A little aimless, but looking for his way to the light." And while "Saint" is a rather abstract tune for Arthur, there's still a direct correlation between the choppy visual and what the song's about. "It's about all the different ways in which we need redemption and salvation," he says.

"Saint of Impossible Causes" is the second track on Arthur's 10th studio album, The Ballad of Boogie Christ, a rock-opera-esque offering that he funded through a successful Pledge Music campaign. He describes the album as part autobiography and part fiction, and tells us that there's a sequel due out this fall. "Not since Meatloaf's Bat Out of Hell 2 has a rock-and-roll record had a sequel," he says. "I think you can safely say you are on the right track if only you and Meatloaf have done something."

The Ballad of Boogie Christ is out June 11 on Arthur's own Lonely Astronaut Records.