Varttina, Kalaniemi To Headline Nordic Festival

Hedningarna, Hoven Droven, Swap will also perform at annual Minneapolis event.

Finland's Värttinä and Maria Kalaniemi, Sweden's Hedningarna and Hoven Droven and Norway's Bukkene Bruse are among the 12 newish Scandinavian acts performing April 19-22 at the Nordic Roots Festival's third annual edition.

The festival is produced by the NorthSide label in conjunction with its primary venue, the Cedar Cultural Centre in Minneapolis.

The Hurdy Gurdy Project (Totte Mattsson of Hedningarna and Stefan Brisland-Ferner of Garmarna) and Swedish fiddler Ellika Frisell will perform at the Southern Theater.

Sweden will contribute most of the festival's acts. These range from the sometimes brutal electric folk take of Hedningarna (the Heathens) to the swinging sensibility of Swâp, a Nordic/Celtic hybrid of two Swedes and two Brits. The Nyckelharpa Orchestra will concentrate on a repertory devoted to their eponymous instrument, a keyed fiddle. Sweden's Groupa, Ranarim and the fiddle duo Hary will also perform.

Värttinä combine Finnish folk melodies with theatrical snazz. They are fronted by four female singers and backed by one of folk music's more exciting instrumental ensembles. Their performance at last year's Nordic Festival was canceled due to illness.

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