Lo Bosworth's NYC Apartment Is A Work In Progress, So Please Don't Judge Her

The former 'Hills' star asks for a little leniency as she shows off her brand-new home.

If you've just moved into a new place and can't be bothered to move your bra off the bathroom floor, Lo Bosworth can identify.

The former "Hills" cast member, who grew accustomed to sweeping valley views and pool access while a Los Angeles resident, has been getting used to the tight quarters that are typical of Manhattan since moving to New York City. And in the house tour below, which she posted to her YouTube channel yesterday, she shows how she's making use of her new home, which she admits is a work in progress.

In what Lo deems her "before" house tour, furnished exclusively with two chairs and a mattress, the chef guides viewers through her kitchen (say hello, organic cage-free eggs!), bathroom (silky body soaps to spare!) and even her bedroom sanctuary. Still, she cautions onlookers that those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

"This is real life over here," she says through laughter. "Not everything is always perfect-looking."

Impressed by Lo's NYC digs? Tell us what you think of her Big Apple abode!

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