Katy Perry And Russell Brand's Divorce 'Not A Surprise'

'They were a sort of odd, mismatched pair,' celebrity-news expert says.

While fans of [article id="1676631"]Katy Perry and Russell Brand[/article] might be surprised by the news of their divorce, those who work in the celebrity world are hardly shocked by the news. Celebrity-news experts say that from the beginning, the pair struck them as an odd couple, despite their equally charming and eccentric personalities.

"From the get-go, I thought they were a sort of odd, mismatched pair," David Caplan, a noted celebrity-news editor who has worked at publications such as People and Star, explained to MTV News. "She's so glamorous, pop and sexy, and he is diametrically not like that. He's a nice and funny guy, and from my encounters with her, I found her to be funny, have a sarcastic edge and a blast, but they weren't a match. Plus, she's more of a partier than he now, so their lifestyles were at odds."

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Despite what anyone may have thought or what rumors about the pair were swirling in the lead-up to the announcement, the twosome always seemed intent on denying the reports. "Katy and Russell's split is not a surprise," Caplan said. "It's one of those celeb splits where the writing was on the wall for months, so much so that they denied any marital trouble on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' several weeks ago, which is uncommon for celebs to acknowledge tabloids reports.

"But then came news this week that they had a big blowup and spent Christmas apart," he added. "Very far apart -- she in Hawaii, and he in London. You don't get much farther apart! Plus, in between 'Ellen' and Christmas, there were multiple reports of them on the rocks. And unlike so many other rumblings about celeb couples on the skids, this was totally true, and they clearly decided not to keep it a secret and just put on a happy front."

However, it seems that as much as they wanted to squelch talk of a breakup, in the end, it all came crashing down. "Katy and Russell's marriage has been under pressure for some time," said Rob Shuter, columnist for HuffPost Celebrity. "I'm surprised Russell did so many interviews denying the troubles. The truth always comes out. When a married couple choose not to spend the holidays together, you know something is up, if they are celebs or just regular folks."

[article id="1676628"]Perry and Brand announced their split[/article] Friday, after [article id="1676630"]one year of marriage[/article]. While Brand released a statement about the separation, as of press time, Perry had yet to speak about it.