Mary J. Blige Track On Nas' Stillmatic To Be Cut For 'Personal Reasons'

New pressings of LP won't contain 'Braveheart Party.'

Your copy of Nas' Stillmatic is a collector's item. And not just because some critics have lauded it as a classic — new pressings of the album will not contain the track "Braveheart Party," which features Mary J. Blige and the Bravehearts.

According to a spokesperson for Nas, Columbia Records is obliging Blige's request to have the track, produced by Swizz Beatz, removed from the album for what she calls "personal reasons." Blige's spokesperson at MCA was unaware that M.J.B. wanted the song removed.

Nas had no comment on the matter.

Copies of the new version of Stillmatic have been pressed up and are ready to go to stores when retailers run out of the originals.

The Queensbridge rapper is set to begin filming the video for his next single, "One Mic," in less than two weeks, according to his rep.

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