Liam Neeson On 'Taken 3:' 'Just Bad Parenting'

UPDATE (6/25/13): We totally called it. "Bad parenting" bad schmarenting... "Taken 3" is happening, and Liam Neeson's oh-so-special skill set is definitely making loot off this unlikely franchise.

PREVIOUSLY (2/28/13): Last fall, Liam Neeson returned to cinemas with "Taken 2" and fans flocked to the theaters to find out one thing: Exactly how on Earth did Neeson's badass agent Bryan Mills manage to let his daughter get kidnapped a second time? Seriously, what happened to those special skills of his?

Well, it looks like Neeson himself was thinking the same thing, because in an interview with a Dublin radio station, he revealed that there won't be a "Taken 3" for the simple reason that it would be really dumb.

That's telling it like it is, Liam!

"I don’t think there’ll be a 'Taken 3.'  She can’t get taken again," Neeson told the folks at 98fm.  "That’s just bad parenting."

Of course, simple logic has never kept Hollywood from chasing easy money, so despite Neeson's impeccable taste and admirable honesty, we're guessing there's still a chance this will happen anyway.

In fact, we'll even give Holywood a free pitch on how they could pull it off: Have Mills and has daughter Kim (Maggie Grace) start a foundation to fight the sex slave trade in honor of her friend Amanda who was also taken and ended up dying in the first "Taken." After all, that film shows plenty of other girls being taken that could use Neeson's help and it would be nice to think the characters actually noticed or care, which honestly, they didn't really seem to do at any point in either "Taken."

Otherwise, we're with Neeson in hoping we've seen the last of the "Taken" franchise. Twice was pushing it. But a third time? That really would just be dumb. Keep track of your kid, man.

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