Disney Characters On Instagram Are Your Social Media Nightmare


Social media apps like Instagram are a tricky beast. In the "plus" column, it's never been easier to keep up with your friends while expertly balancing a busy work-life schedule, and for pop culture lovers, everything from Batmobile pics to the latest Miley tattoo have been revealed on Insta, thus bringing us closer to the action than ever.

However, these apps have also brought about an epidemic of over-sharing and narcissism, and with excessive hash-taggers and those folks who find it necessary to Snapchat every single second of their latest EDM concert running rampant, social media can be a scary place. Italian digital illustrator Simona Bonafini is well aware of this fact, which is why her "Selfie Fables" series -- which depicts Disney characters as Instagram users -- is so spot-on.

Basically, these Disney heroes can all be broken down into an Instagram user you already know (and can't stand):

Ariel as "teen girl who is hot, knows it, and would really like it if you commented with your pervy thoughts."

Simona Bonafini


Alice and the Mad Hatter as "wealthy, exclusive besties who want you to know how much fun they're having while you're at work."

Simona Bonafini


The Evil Queen as "your aunt/older cousin/friend's mom who is arguably having a very public midlife crisis."

Simona Bonafini


Hercules as "CrossFit dude who only posts shirtless pics or motivational phrases about working out."

Simona Bonafini


Wendy, Peter, and the Darlings as "preteens who are probably too young to be using this app but at least they're not doing drugs, so..."

Simona Bonafini


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