Drake Responds To Jay Z's 'Pound Cake' Line: 'I'm The Big Homey Too'

'On this album I'm extremely aware of where I'm at and nobody can tell me differently,' Drake tells MTV News of his third LP 'Nothing Was the Same'.

Drake admits that Jay Z took an immediate opportunity to stunt on him during the opening lines of his "Pound Cake" feature on Nothing Was the Same-- "I had Benzes before you had braces," Jay spits -- but just a couple of verses later, on "Paris Morton Music 2," the Toronto rapper makes it clear that he's expecting mutual respect after putting up consistent wins over the last four years.

"The way I came into the game was under somebody's wing and when people look at me they still see this kid who's searching for his place, or searching for acceptance, even though that's not the case," Drake told MTV News at a FIFA 14 launch party in New York City, referencing earlier days with his mentor Lil Wayne.

Specifically, he's referring to the lyrics, "F--- all that 'happy to be here' sh-- that y'all want me on/ I'm the big homey, they still be tryna lil bro me, dog/ Like I should fall in line, like I should alert n----s when I'm 'bout to drop something crazy and not say I'm the greatest of my generation."

"That's the first time I've ever said that before," he adds confidently. "On this album I'm extremely aware of where I'm at and nobody can tell me differently. I'm the big homey too. As much as I do remain humble and stay cordial, don't think I don't know. I know what's going on out here, I'm 26 -- I'm out here in the streets with the people."

A portion of Drake's bragging rights include his smooth sashay past the dreaded sophomore album slump -- with more than half a million in first week sales for Take Care -- and another feature from Jay Z on Nothing Was the Same, which he describes as a followup to Thanks Me Later's "Light Up."

"I think Jay still gets his first line off there," Drake jokes about the verse. "He always takes his opportunity to remind me that he is the true big homey."

"With that said, sometimes I'll set out and have something different in mind for Jay, like, 'I wanna be in the club with Hov on this album'...but we always just end up rapping," he explains. "I love rapping with that guy so much that it's tough to go in any different direction." Both Drake and Hov lay down verses on "Pound Cake" before the eerie beat switches up for "Paris Morton Music 2" and Drizzy finishes things off.

He says that the full track is the second installment of "Light Up," which, at the time, found Jay dropping some knowledge on his "lil bro." "This feature is part 2 to 'Light Up. A lot of the songs on this album are updates and while he was working on Magna Carta I was able to work get that song [from him]."

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