Shia LaBeouf Arrested At Chicago Drugstore

Actor, who reportedly appeared intoxicated, was hauled in for refusing to leave.

"Just don't mess up." That was "Transformers"/ [article id="1569264"]"Indiana Jones"[/article] actor Shia LaBeouf's simple instruction to himself for escaping the tabloid vortex that so many of his young peers in Hollywood have fallen into. At least that was his plan last summer when, just short of his 21st birthday, he told Entertainment Weekly that avoiding trouble was "pretty simple when you think about it."

And while it was well tamer than the recent antics of Britney Spears or Lindsay Lohan, LaBeouf was arrested at a Walgreens drugstore in Chicago Sunday at 2 a.m. for refusing to leave the premises, according to officer John Henry of the city police department's news-affairs division. The actor was arrested after a security guard requested that he leave the drugstore on Michigan Avenue, resulting in a charge of misdemeanor criminal trespassing. He was taken to a police station and booked, and then posted bond at around 7 a.m. His court date is November 28.

Henry could not confirm the amount of bond posted by LaBeouf, who had established a reputation as a hard-working, dependable actor while emerging as a protégé to superstar director Steven Spielberg.

Police told The Associated Press that the former star of the Disney Channel series "Even Stevens" looked a bit tipsy when the guard approached him, which broke another rule LaBeouf was quoted as having in the EW article: "It could all go away tomorrow if I'm at a club drinking like an [idiot]." Henry said he could not confirm LaBeouf's condition at the time of the incident, only that police were called when there was a "dispute" between the actor and the security guard.

The actor has spoken openly about his unconventional hippie upbringing in California -- with an absent, drug-addicted dad and dancer/ jewelry-designer mother -- and a cover story in Vanity Fair this summer asked the question "The New Kid: Can Hollywood Turn 21-Year-Old Shia LaBeouf Into The Next Tom Hanks?" In that interview he told the magazine, "I don't like going to clubs. If I'm going to party, I'll do it at my house."

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