One Direction’s ‘Steal My Girl’ Is Giving Directioners And Moms 'Fangirl Attacks'

Directioners have become addicted to their new song, but can you blame them?

By now, you've listened to One Direction's "Steal My Girl" no less than 50 times, memorized each and every lyric and possibly fainted over the excitement that the guys have released their first single off their fourth album.

Basically, Monday (September 29) was a big day.

Directioners are absolutely loving the guys' "feel good" 80's vibe of a song, which has us all wishing that we were their "queen since we were 16," but that's OK because "we dream the same dreams." Am I right?

Fans instantly took to Twitter to share their reactions of the Four track, with many saying it's positively "perfect," while others have developed a severe addiction.

Unfortunately for many teachers around the world, the song was released during school hours, meaning that pretty much no one was concentrating on math problems and history lessons.

Naturally, fans are freaking out over Zayns high note.

Zayn's high note in #StealMyGirl and the whole fandom: #EMABiggestFans1D

— Liam follow me PLS♥ (@Roja_1D_Hugefan) September 29, 2014

And moms are pretty much obsessed too.

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