Kelly Clarkson Is All About Love In Her New 'Heartbeat Song' Video

We dare you to watch this without saying 'Awww!' at least once.

Kelly Clarkson is the undisputed queen of heartbreak anthems. From “Since U Been Gone” to “Walk Away” to “Stronger,” the girl has always inspired us to channel our “Ms. Independent” and shake off the good-for-nothing boys who break our hearts.

But life has been pretty effin’ rosy for Kelly lately — the 32-year-old and her husband welcomed a baby girl, River Rose Blackstock, last year — so it only makes sense that her new music would be full of love as well.

On Thursday (Feb. 5), Kelly released the video for “Heartbeat Song,” the catchy first single off her seventh album, Piece By Piece, which is due out on March 3.

The clip begins by showing some heartbroken people going through breakups, but the tone soon shifts as they find new love and Kelly (looking gorgeous, BTW) dances around amid a colorful backdrop.

Also, as a random aside, if you and your S.O. have ever kissed each other through the cracks of a park bench like that one couple in the video does, please drop a comment below and let me know. I’d just really like to find out if that’s a thing that people are doing, and if it’s as uncomfortable as I think it would be.

Other than that, A++++ on the video, Kel!