Noah Cyrus's Raw New Song Comes With A Bloody, Halloween-Themed Video

She teams up with London On Da Track for 'fuckyounoah'

Warning: If you're queasy about blood and needles, you might want to watch Noah Cyrus's new video between your fingers. You should, however, give it your time and attention, because it's only appropriate for the spookiest day of the year!

For her third release of 2019, Cyrus has teamed up with London On Da Track for a pop/hip-hop concoction that, according to a press release, was inspired by "the daily anxieties, self-doubt, and need for assurance (aka 'likes') induced under the glare of social media." The result is "fuckyounoah," a raw track that the 19-year-old wrote after a particularly difficult time. "'Cause I'm a narcissist, that's just what it is," she sings in the opening verse. "No one fucks with me, 'cause no one ever fucking loves a bitch." It's empowering in its brutal honesty, as she continues, "I ain't no band-aid for your heart / 'Cause I'm the one that's leaving all your scars."

In the Symone Ridgell-directed vid, Cyrus takes on a slew of different roles: a doctor performing open-heart surgery on herself, a patient getting lip injections, and a bespectacled therapist. London On Da Track also makes a couple cameos, playing a nurse who tries to control an unruly version of Cyrus who won't go down without a fight.

"Here ya go world.. ya might hate it. ya might might not. but here's a lil insight into my brain and headspace," Cyrus posted on Instagram to announce the video. She added in a statement, "My sounds may change but my lyrics are always from my heart and soul. I never want to be tied to a genre. I make what I want to make in the moment."

"fuckyounoah" follows Cyrus's folky summer ballad "July" and the choir-featuring "Lonely," which arrived last month.