Norman Reedus Wants To Take One Lucky 'Walking Dead' Fan On A Date

... With Carol's cookies for dessert!

If you follow "The Walking Dead" star Norman Reedus on Twitter, Instagram, or just the Internet in general, then you probably already know that he's more the type to befriend a little girl with alopecia than the type to beat up a dude with another dude's zombified skull. But never has this been more apparent than right freaking now, because the man also known as Daryl Dixon has officially announced that he's ready to date a fan -- to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation make children's dreams come true.

Partnering with Omaze, Reedus is prepped to take one lucky fan to the "Walking Dead" season six premiere in New York City on October 9. Lunch is also included in the bargain -- cuisine not specified, though we assume it's not squirrel -- as well as a ticket to the "Walking Dead" panel at New York Comic Con.

Ten bucks gets you 100 entries into the contest, and larger donations come with thank you gifts like a limited edition signed Daryl T-shirt, a signed and framed Daryl Dixon quote, and even a gnarly guitar. Though of course, the biggest gift of all is the feeling of helping special little kids get to live out their wildest dreams -- so thank you to Norman Reedus for making everyone out there a winner:

Erm, also, is there any way we could make it a double, with me and Steven Yeun? Anyone?

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