'Here We Go Again': Gus And Jeremiah Come To Blows On 'MTV Floribama Shore'

Family game night wasn't exactly fun and games

Family game night at the the MTV Floribama Shore abode "was not a success." And Jerigus are to blame for its failure.

During tonight's brand-new episode, Gus and Jeremiah came to blows yet again, all but squandering their recent hot tub-based cease fire. The previous handshake and hug, and "starting fresh," is null and void.

What spawned the brawl? The contests-filled evening featured the crew playing "Who's the most..." and the most spoiled, can't keep a secret and biggest drama queen Aimee taking a bunch of shots.

Then the group unanimously decided that Gus was the most insecure, while Jeremiah was chosen as the most entitled.

"Surprise, surprise! I'd like to know exactly why I'm the most entitled. Please!" Jeremiah pleaded.

Codi offered up a definition of entitled ("someone who thinks they are better than everybody else in the f*cking room"), while Gus chimed in that "sometimes you gotta own it, man." Kirk's effort to give an example of how Jeremiah can act this way -- like insisting "I'm not doing this" to everyone -- infuriated Jeremiah even more.

"Gus hasn't done the same thing?!" an incredulous Jeremiah spat.

"No, f*ck that! I can honestly say I've never done that," Gus yelled back.


Jeremiah's "sideways look" at Gus and Gus demanding Jeremiah to "name one instance" only fanned the flames -- and prompted Gus to stand up. And generate a collective groan among the other roomies.

"Sit down, fool," Jeremiah told Gus, who was towering right above him and shouting, "Stand up."

"Call me a fool again, you bitch," Gus responded, with a forceful and angry shove.

The roommates all screamed "stop" at the duo, but it was too late. The altercation turned physical, and eventually they were broken up by security.

"I tried to be the bigger person. I tried to let bygones be bygones, and he comes at me sideways like that?" a heated post-fight Gus asked in the confessional. "No, I'm going to put you in your place real quickly. I don't f*cking play those games."

On the other side, Jeremiah was confused and thought the two had successfully squashed everything in the hot tub.

"Why is this so out of left field?" Jeremiah wondered. "Like, are you really this insecure about yourself where you have to pick the biggest guy in the room and prove your manhood? Like, leave me the f*ck alone."


So "here we go again" with these two. Can Jerigus get over this latest setback and reach a resolution? Or will it continue to be unpredictable and rocky between them? Keep watching MTV Floribama Shore on Thursdays at 8/7c to find out.

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