18 Hiddleswift Truthers Who Believe Taylor And Tom Are Punking Us

Hiddleston's ‘I Heart T.S.’ tank sent many fans over the edge

Over the holiday weekend, Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston's public romance reached a new milestone, as the couple known as Hiddleswift were snapped frolicking on the beach and looking like a scene from The Notebook. But as Swift was photographed running into the awaiting arms of her British beau on her Rhode Island beach property, fans were even more distracted by Hiddleston's festive attire -- an "I ❤️ T.S." tank top and a temporary heart tattoo (with a "T" in the middle!) on his biceps.

Um ... what?

OK, so we have a lot of questions. Did Swift buy her new boyfriend that tank? Do all of Swift's beaus get merch à la Derek Jeter's gift baskets? Did all of Swift's 4th of July party guests get one, too? Oh, and why, oh why, would Hiddleston -- a grown-ass man many suspect to be the next James Bond -- wear a "I Heart T.S." tank top on the beach? (The short answer is they're trolling us.) Needless to say, a lot of people took time away from their own holiday to comment on Hiddleswift's very public display of affection.

But perhaps the most interesting take is the conspiracy theory that's emerged in the wake of Taylor and Tom's globetrotting P.D.A. As BuzzFeed pointed out, some fans are starting to believe that their romance isn't just a publicity stunt (or, you know, real); it's actually performance art for Swift's new album. Given the fact that Swift has released a new album in the fall every two years since she dropped her debut self-titled album in October 2006, the timing does seem suspicious.


Is it clever, Sexy Seabass? Is it?

Then again, maybe Hiddleston's love is real after all, and we're all a bunch of jaded haters for suspecting otherwise. Either way, it's not like Swift cares. She's got money, beautiful friends, a good lawyer, and a handsome man to hold her hand as they stroll down the beach. Real or fake, it sounds like a perfect situation to us.

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