Meth Is In, Tyrese Is Out For Playoffs: Fantasy Football Week 13 Recap

Block Entertainment, Cool & Dre, Paul Wall also make postseason.

Ladies and gents, it's officially a wrap.

The MTV News Fantasy Football League regular season has concluded, and it's on to the playoffs. Congrats to Block Entertainment (the two-headed fantasy beast of Yung Joc and company CEO Block), who had the best overall record in the league. They clinched their playoff berth weeks ago but stayed hungry and have been on a wild winning streak.

(See how it all started! Method Man, Paul Wall and the others fight to draft the best players in this video.)

Three other playoff spots were up for grabs going into week 13. There were a couple of surprises, a nail-biter, and to give you a spoiler, Luke -- yes, Uncle Luke! -- remained hot.

[article id="1547334"]Method Man vs. Lil Wayne (56-60)[/article]

Sure, Method Man would have loved to say he stomped his way into the playoffs and not crawled his way to the first round, but they call it "the second season" for a reason, right? Meth's team looked very dilapidated this week. Carlson Palmer and Shaun Alexander -- Meth's big guns -- both failed to score 20 points (13 and 15 respectively), and the rest of his squad's stats are not worth mentioning. Meanwhile, Reggie Bush had his best game of the season, but his 40 fantasy points were wasted on Wayne's bench. Bush had four TDs this week (too bad this isn't a keeper league). Weezy also had Marvin Harrison on the pine this week with his 23 fantasy points, but the MC still eked out a win, and, most importantly, avoided having the worst record in the league.

[article id="1547335"]Cool & Dre vs. Uncle Luke (59-78)[/article]

Luke, where have you been all year, homie? Mr. Skywalker closed out the year on a high note with three wins in a row, and lo and behold; his main man Edgerrin James finally ran for 100 yards last week (11 fantasy points). Luke might have had the worst team in the league as far as records go, but when next year starts up, he'll be tied for first place! Cool & Dre, uh, there may just be a problem. They had two gaping doughnuts in their lineup last week when Dolphins running back Ronnie Brown and Colts tight end Dallas Clark both wound up injured and unable to play. They are supposed to be out next week too, which doesn't bode well for C&D, who made the playoffs. The duo must be praying for one of those big Peyton Manning games next week. And maybe Steve Smith will show up. All that chatter about him being the best wideout in the league is about as dormant as Michael Richards' career right now. Just like the comedian's recent stage tirade, Smith's 88 combined yards the past two weeks is nothing to smile at.

[article id="1547336"]Liz Hernandez vs. Block Entertainment (67-96)[/article]

The thoroughbreds from Atlanta keep killing 'em. Liz Hernandez was their latest victim. The lovely MTV News correspondent had her playoff hopes go up in smoke when she faced the league's almost unstoppable two-headed monster. Eight in a row for Block and Joc, and as is the story every week, LaDainian Tomlinson carried the ball and their team to victory for 30 fantasy points. Liz's lamentable letdown (try saying that five times in a row) came in the form of the inconsistent Terrell Owens. Only eight points from T.O. this week, and running back Rudi Johnson's performance was about as dreadful as the Mohawk haircut of his Bengals' teammate Chad Johnson. Five fantasy points from C.J. was all Liz got.

[article id="1547337"]Tyrese vs. Paul Wall (67-80)[/article]

Tyrese basically sleepwalked his way right out of playoff contention. A few weeks ago, he looked like a sure thing for not only the playoffs, but possibly the best record in the league. Starting an injured Donovan McNabb the past few weeks showed that his head really wasn't in the game. Paul Wall's was. With Wall's win, he actually took home the best record in the Crunchtime Firing Squad Division. His victory wasn't that jaw-dropping (the Steelers' 16 points was the most he had from a single entity on his roster this week), but it was just enough to work. He faces Cool & Dre in the first round next week. They both had identical records, and if you remember, the last time they played each other, they wound up in a tie.

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