Chris Rock Invited Stacey Dash to Embarrass Herself Onstage at the Oscars

Behold, the living embodiment of the Head Scratch emoji.

Well, it’s safe to say anyone watching tonight’s Oscar ceremony will have plenty to talk about tomorrow morning, as host Chris Rock brought the issue of racism and diversity front and center at the Kodak Theater. In maybe the most bizarre moment of the night so far, once C-list Clueless star, now clueless Fox News correspondent Stacey Dash was brought onstage as the spokesperson of a joke “minority outreach program.”

With a laugh best suited to Disney villains, Dash ironically chirped “Happy Black History Month!”…to the sound of absolute silence from an audience that clearly had no idea that she had vocally called for the end of Black History Month and all other forms of "segregation." Much confusion and many tweets ensued:

Please enjoy the full video, below.

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