Taylor Swift's 'Begin Again' Video A 'Love Letter To Paris'

'I think we've all had that day where we just decide to wander around and think about things,' Swift tells MTV News of just-premiered clip.

Taylor Swift's songs are a lot like love letters to her past and present paramours, so it's fitting that her video for the Red single "Begin Again," which premiered Tuesday (October 23), is a new kind of love letter.

"It's gonna be, like, a love letter to Paris," Swift told MTV News on Monday about the clip, which was shot in the City of Light. " 'Cause it's just the city and this story line of somebody moving on and finding yourself again."

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Swift believes that the somber images of a Parisian cafe and bike-riding down cobblestone streets that dominate the "Begin Again" video perfectly suit the lyrics. "I think we've all had that day where we just decide to wander around and think about things," Swift said.

But in "Begin Again," Swift emphasizes the reinvigorating feeling that eventually occurs after a bad breakup. "I've been spending the last eight months/ Thinking all love ever does is break and burn and end/ But on a Wednesday in a cafe/ I watched it begin again," Swift sings.

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"Begin Again" is a departure from the first Red single, the quintessential pop song "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," and a return to her country roots. "It's actually a song about kind of when you've gotten through a really bad relationship and you finally dust yourself off and go on that first day after a horrible breakup and the vulnerability that goes along with all of that," she said about the song [article id="1694293"]last month on "Good Morning America."[/article]

Swift also expressed to MTV News her excitement for Red's music-video potential. "I'm so excited for the videos I wanna shoot for this album," she said. "I just can't wait until the fans decide which of the singles [get videos] and what's gonna happen, and it's all up in the air, but I feel it falling into place."

Swift's latest album, Red, hit stores Monday.