Kim Kardashian Gets Cara Delevingne's Tongue Wagging For 'Love' Magazine

Back in October, we had a lot of questions about something Kim Kardashian and Cara Delevingne were working on. We had a vague idea that it was something for Love Magazine and, well, know we know—it's a joint cover and spread.

The closeup shot features the duo with minimal makeup, wet hair, and, of course, strong brows. Last time Kim covered Love, she basically didn't have any, so this cover actually marks their big debut with the magazine. Enjoy it, BBs! Live it up! Cara's brows, on the other hand, are seasoned Love vets—most recently they shared the cover with Kendall Jenner.

Not to be overshadowed, Cara also interviewed Kim for the issue. Remember when Cara was announced as a contributing editor for Love? Yea, well Kim is her first interviewee, NBD.

No word—yet!—on when the magazine will be out, but we will, obviously, keep our eyes peeled. Our Kardashian-Jenner x Cara x Love collection continues to grow.

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