Dumb Starbucks Is Just The Latest Awesomely Bad Idea From 'Nathan For You'

Comedy Central star who brought you racist caricaturist revealed as the prankster behind phony coffee shop.

What with the [article id="1721985"]winter Olympics in Sochi[/article], the first potentially [article id="1722071"]out NFL player[/article] and whatever this bacon floss is grabbing all the headlines, it takes a pretty bizarre story to steal the media's attention. But leave it to hilariously deadpan comedian Nathan Fielder of Comedy Central's "Nathan For You," to find just the right prank to hog the camera.

Heard of "Dumb Starbucks?" Of course you have, because on a slow news weekend, the national media flocked to report on this bizarre coffee shop — since closed by health inspectors — which had people lined up for hours to get free cups of not-that-great joe.

And of course Fielder was behind it, because if you've ever watched "Nathan For You," you know that the comedian with one of the most hilarious Twitter feeds around can sniff out a terrible business idea from a mile away.

And guess what? It's perfectly legal! According to a video from Nathan, by adding the word "Dumb" to the name, the one-shop anti-franchise in Los Feliz, California, did, technically, fulfill the requirements needed to be designated a parody under U.S. copyright law. So, before they got shut down by the health department, we hope you were able to grab a Dumb Vanilla Blonde Roast some Dumb Tea or a Dumb Norah Jones Duets CD.

What are some of Nathan's other terribly great ideas? Here are six of our favorites:

Queen of Mean Lisa Lampanelli Is On To Something

If you've seen the show, then you know that Fielder is awesome at convincing business owners to follow his awful advice. One of his worst was the racist caricature artist, in which he convinced Greg Dohlen to break out of his dead-end art career and make some waves by re-branding himself as "The King of Sting."

How Far Would You Go For Some Cheap Gas?

Remember that time Fielder convinced a group of bargain shoppers to go on a ridiculously long hike, camp out overnight and spend time bonding with perfect strangers just to save a little bit on a tank of gas? Things got weird, real, real weird.

Nathan for You

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That's How You're Dumping Me?

Fielder is the best at text message pranks, including one from last year in which he encouraged his followers to text their boyfriend/girlfriend about how they haven't been "fully honest" with them.

Pigs Rescuing Goats

Make a fake video of an adorable pig rescuing a goat and the world is your oyster. And, maybe, just maybe, you'll convince a few viewers to visit the Oak Glen Petting Zoo, just as you planned it.

Making 'Poo Yogurt' A Thing

After going undercover in a fake beard to check out the goods, Nathan convinced the owner of Yogurt Haven to introduced a "Poo Yogurt" flavor to get a bit of media attention. Yogurt, that tasted like poo. How can that miss?

Two Words: Dog Heaven

Oh Madi, we miss you.

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