Batman Unmasked: See Bruce Wayne's True Face

Man, it's gotta be pretty hard for a superhero to keep a secret identity these days, what with the internet all up in everyone's business. Take Batman, for example: No matter how carefully he disguises his voice by making it sound like angry Grover, one snapshot and a face recognition algorithm later and suddenly we've got Bruce Wayne's face posted all over Gotham City.

And just what would Batman's real face look like? Thanks to Cinema Blend, we have the definitive answer right here.

Oh, sure, everyone thinks they know what Bruce Wayne looks like. But for different fans, that has a very different answer. Today's fans, of course, think of Christian Bale as Batman, while their parents probably think of Michael Keaton. And Grandpa? Why, he's all about Adam West.

Now, though, the whole family can stop bickering over Batman (finally!) thanks to this great composite photo, which takes the faces of all five big screen Bruce Waynes and merges them together into one new, distinct and yet instantly recognizable face.

So here it is. Behold, the face... of Justice!

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