Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Tops 'Time''s 'Fashion Statement' List

Singer's infamous VMA getup was named Biggest Fashion Statement of 2010.

It was [article id="1647692"]celebrated[/article], [article id="1647732"]criticized[/article], [article id="1651016"]copied[/article] and ultimately turned into [article id="1648475"]jerky[/article], and now, Lady Gaga's infamous VMA meat dress is being honored, by Time magazine, of all places.

Yes, her carnivorous couture was singled out as Time's #1 Fashion Statement of 2010, lauded for its general insanity, creativity and ability to stand a cut above every other gown worn by celebrities this year.

"If making fashion statements is your primary raison d'être, it's easy to get bored. Exploding bra? Flamed out. Dress made of bubbles? Please. Using your hair as a bow? Not again. But a dress made of meat -- with shoes, hat and purse to match -- well, that's fresh," the magazine writes. "The carnivorous ensemble Lady Gaga wore to the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony, which is pretty much mecca for eccentric musical sartorialists, raised many questions: What does it mean? How was it made? Does she want A1 sauce with it? Gaga's explanation of the flank frock -- that if we didn't stand up for our rights, we'd be nothing but meat on our bones -- seemed disappointing. We prefer to think of it as haute cutlet."

Gaga's meat dress beat out memorable looks like M.I.A.'s Scream 2010 awards burka, Venus Williams' French Open corset and Rihanna's Gumby-esque getup from Germany's Echo awards to take the #1 spot on Time's list, which is part of their "Top Everything of 2010" countdown.

Other notables to make the Fashion Statement Top 10 include Britney Spears, Taylor Momsen, Heidi Klum and, uh, Rita Wilson ... none of whom were photographed wearing a single cut of beef in 2010.