BFFs, Banshees And (Lacrosse) Balls: 9 Things We Learned At The 'Teen Wolf' Comic-Con Panel

Strange things (like a shirtless Stiles) are afoot in Beacon Hills.

The moon may not be full, but the cast of MTV's "Teen Wolf" came out anyway. The show packed Ballroom 20 at San Diego Comic-Con this afternoon, and dished out all the info a fan could hope for.

If you weren't lucky enough to be in San Diego amongst the geeks, don't worry -- we were at the panel, and we're willing to share what we heard from cast members Tyler Posey, Dylan O'Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Holland Roden,Shelley Hennig and Dylan Sprayberry, along with executive producer Jeff Davis.

Ahead, check out the nine things we learned at this year's "Teen Wolf" panel.

1. "Teen Wolf" Will Be Back -- With An Upgraded Dylan

Creator Davis revealed that, yes, there will be more "Wolf."

"We just found out yesterday and had to keep it a secret: we will be coming back for a fifth season."

The series will get a full 20 episodes for it's fifth season, and newcomer Sprayberry has been upgraded to a season regular.

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2. Stiles And Malia: It's (Still) Complicated

So, uh, are they dating? Hard to say. "They're unique!" Hennig insisted. But asked (by Posey) whether Malia and Stiles are doing the dirty, she gave a hearty "of course!"

Davis, however, warned fans not to get too comfortable with the relationship.

"I can say for upcoming, they will -- they have a rocky road ahead," he said. Those roadblocks come when "a certain secret about her parentage comes out."

3. There Will Be Plenty Of Shirtless Tyler Hoechlin This Season

A trailer for the upcoming episodes rolled as part of the panel, and there's plenty of abdomen to be had.

"I got pretty lucky in 3A and 3B, and it caught up to me," said a sheepish Hoechlin. "This was the first time I've seen that trailer. I was unaware."

4. The Bromance Force Remains Strong With "Teen Wolf"

When asked what motivated him to audition for the show, Posey immediately screamed "money!" But, really, the bromance. Posey gushed over his castmates, revealing that "now we make out all the time."

O'Brien clarified: "We don't make out. We just sit next to each other in our underwear."

5. The V-Necks Can't Be Stopped

The question on everyone's minds: will Peter Hale ever stop wearing v-neck shirts?

"Knowing Ian, no," Hoechlin said. "Yes, they'll be like, deeper and wider."

O'Brien, for one, supports the attire. "If you've got it, flaunt it, buddy."

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6. Tyler Posey Wasn't So Sure Of Scott's Ethnicity

A fan brought up Posey's Hispanic background and thanked him for bringing a character of color to TV. As it turns out, Posey wasn't totally sure whether Scott really was a person of color. Luckily, Davis knows what's up.

"His mother's maiden name is Delgada," Davis said.

"So yeah, Scott is Mexican."

7. Danny's Not Gone Forever

"You have not seen the last of Danny," David revealed, and said no more.

8. Everyone Sucks At Lacrosse

Though many "Teen Wolf" stars are shown flinging little lacrosse balls with the greatest of ease, the actors are not so gifted at the sport, to say the least.

"Most of the lacrosse balls are CGI," Davis said.

"They glue mine to the net," Sprayberry admitted.

9. Scott And Stiles: BFF, And Maybe Future Brothers?

When a fan asked which non-canon couple they would ship on the show, O'Brien and Posey were very excited about one particular idea: Mama McCall and Sheriff Stilinski.

"Then we'd be brothers!" Posey cheered.

"We've been talking a lot in the writer's room about Stilinski and Melissa," Davis said. "They have a certain chemistry."

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