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Justin Bieber Dances At A Roller Skating Rink, On A Hike… Pretty Much Everywhere

Anger management?

Nevermind all those legal troubles, things seem to be just peachy for Justin Bieber. In fact, he seems so damn happy that he's dancing everywhere nowadays.

Take, for instance, Wednesday night, when he did it at a roller-skating rink as Lady Gaga and R. Kelly's "Do What U Want" played in the background. (We're going to excuse him this one time for being that guy that skates against the current and makes it awkward for everyone else.)

Or when he went on a hike -- shirtless, of course -- and danced it out with pal Khalil as Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj's "Touchin, Lovin" blared in the middle of a hiking trail.

Dance on, Biebs.