Shot Glasses And Shenanigans: You'll LOL At This Behind-The-Scenes 'Catfish' Clip

See Nev Schulman and Max Joseph show off their funny side.

As "Catfish" fans know all too well, Nev Schulman and Max Joseph are often knee-deep in shocking drama and crazy reveals. But behind the scenes, apparently, it's time to partay!

The proof: the LOL-worthy clip below, which features hotel hijinks, hilarious pranks, endless laughter, silly banter with the crew... and two very strong shots of alcohol.

"Cheers to a good investigation," Max says mid-toast, before clinking shot glasses with Nev.

"To the truth, no matter how hard it may be to swallow," the author wittily replies.

Hey, if the road to online-dating justice involves booze and non-stop jokes, we are always in. ALWAYS.

Watch the hilarious video, and don't forget to catch all-new episodes starting on Wednesday, July 8 at 10/9c!