Daniel Radcliffe Goes Bad In First 'Horns' Trailer

Get your first look at the upcoming horror fantasy.

Just yesterday (July 14), we got the first international poster for Daniel Radcliffe's upcoming dark fantasy movie "Horns," and now we have our first look at footage from the film, courtesy the international trailer.

In the movie, based on Joe Hill's best-selling novel, Radcliffe is accused of murdering his girlfriend -- an event that may or may not lead directly to him growing giant, devilish horns out of his forehead.

To say more is to spoil the surprises in the novel (and movie), but as glimpsed in the trailer, beyond Radcliffe once again flirting with fantasy we also get to see the erstwhile Harry Potter having some strange encounters with snakes. Parseltongue, anyone?

The movie is directed by Alexandre Aja, and also stars Juno Temple, Heather Graham, David Morse and Max Minghella.

It will be released internationally on Halloween, with an American release date (and presumably poster and trailer) to be announced by San Diego Comic-Con, when Hill, Radcliffe and Aja will all hold a panel in support of the movie.

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