Naomi Watts Still Waiting By Phone For 'Harry Potter' Offer


"So, you're the one!" Watts laughed, her finger wagging at me in mock condemnation. "And not even a phone call!"

Well, no. But weirder coincidences have happened - was there ANY truth to the rumors.

"I didn't even hear about it except through the media," Watts said. "Not through my agents [or anybody else]. I don't know how that transpired."

Don't put away your Quick Quotes Quills quite yet, however. Watts told MTV News that the next time there are rumors she hopes they're true, insisting that she'd still like to star in a "Harry Potter" film.

"Yeah! I have read some of the 'Harry Potter' books…I would love," she declared of appearing in "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." "My son would like that, so that would be a good way to impress him.

"But it would have to depend on all what the role is," she added.

Problem is, of course, that there aren't really any strong female roles left. The witch Hermione changes into to infiltrate the Ministry of Magic? Alecto Carrow? What do you think? Let's help find a role for Ms. Watts below.