Drake Told Murda Mook They Could Have 'The Biggest Battle In History'

Make it happen, fellas.

Drake and Murda Mook were at a club last month, when some friendly drinks turned into a challenge.

"It came out of nowhere," Mook told MTV News on the BET Hip Hop Awards red green carpet. "A couple drinks start floating around, and then he just came out of nowhere and said he would battle me."

It started off as some apparent tough talk from the Toronto MC: "'Yo, if I did a battle,'" Mook said, recalling Drake's words, "'it'd probably be the biggest battle in history.' That was his exact words."

"I said, You serious?"

As it turns out, Drizzy very well might have been.

The guys quickly snapped a picture and shared it online, creating excitement and hype around the potential showdown. The two spoke a few days later, and Drake was "still kind of singing the same song."

So, what would happen if this "biggest battle in history" goes down?

"He can rap really well," Mook admitted. "I'm not saying he would win. [He'd have to practice] a lifetime, maybe. I don't think there's nobody in this world that can beat me."

And Drake probably feels the same way. Hopefully they settle this standoff on the mic.

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