Rick Ross Set To Give 'Mastermind' A Soulful Vibe

'I love making those 'Cigar Music' records, those 'Amsterdam' records, and that was most definitely the energy,' Ross says of new LP.

Like any true boss, Rick Ross is cunning and calculated, so when he announced his upcoming sixth studio album Mastermind with a [article id="1699793"]cinematic trailer[/article] at the top of the year, every detail was deliberate.

The two-minute, 45-second clip is set to the soulful melody of Curtis Mayfield's 1972 classic "Give Me Your Love (Love Song)," giving fans a hint of the new album's sonic direction.

"That's most definitely the feel and that's why I made sure I wanted to open at the top of the new year," Rozay told MTV News on June 3, when he and his MMG team sat with us to discuss the release of their upcoming [article id="1708393"]Self Made, Vol. 3[/article] compilation. "I wanted to make that clear for the ones that paid attention that that's most definitely my vibe."

It's a sound that Ross began tinkering with on "Pots and Pans," a deep album cut from his first album, but one that he really began to become known for on his 2009 Deeper Than Rap LP with songs like "Magnificent" and "Valley of Death." With last year's God Forgives, I Don't, Rozay seemed to perfect his sound on "Amsterdam," with producer Cardiak delivering a rich and soulful 1970s-inspired beat to rhyme over.

Ross says we can expect that sound to make up at least some of his album, but he never knows where his creative bounds may lie. "I love making those kind of records, those 'Cigar Music' records, those 'Amsterdam' records, and that was most definitely the energy, but I record so much material -- we gotta wait and see," he said.