Ludacris Recalls Pushing Pizzas On 'When I Was 17'

Luda calls his Pizza Hut gig 'beautiful' on the show, airing Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV.

Ludacris wears many hats these days -- recording artist, actor, entrepreneur -- but when the Atlanta MC was younger, the riches weren't exactly raining down like they are these days.

"At the age of 17, I had a job at Pizza Hut," Ludacris reveals during the next episode of MTV's new show "When I Was 17," which airs Saturday at 11 a.m. and also features "Biggest Loser" trainer Jillian Michaels and Pete Wentz.

Ever the hustler, Luda pushed pizzas at the restaurant chain for a particular reason.

"Not only did I get a job at Pizza Hut to get a little extra change in my pocket, but I also did it so that I could eat," he explained. "I lived with my father. God bless my father, I love him to death, may he rest in peace, but my father did not know how to cook. Simple as that."

There seems to be room for debate between 'Cris and his friends about how much he actually enjoyed his employment.

"I loved working at Pizza Hut, 'cause it was a hell of an experience," he said, smiling and calling the job "beautiful."

"Well, he told me working at Pizza Hut was one of his worst jobs ever," the rapper's friend Kiah recalled.

The Disturbing Tha Peace CEO worked in the kitchen making the pies, which, according to another friend Ryan, didn't help him land any hot dates.

"He hated that job," Ryan said. "I know it wasn't really helping his love life. ... Working at Pizza Hut? That ain't gangster."

At least we know Ludacris has moved on to bigger and better things.

"When I Was 17" -- this week featuring Ludacris, Jillian Michaels and Pete Wentz -- airs Saturday at 11 a.m. on MTV.

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